WiFi extender – Annoyed that your Internet connection keeps dropping at home? A WiFi extender may be all that you need, so we’ve put together the best WiFi extenders in New Zealand.

A WiFi extender is precisely as its name suggests — it extends your WiFi network by reaching your router via radio bands. These produce a stronger signal, reaching even the furthest rooms in your home… even the ones your router’s waves could barely reach before.

There are a lot of WiFi extenders in retail stores and they differ in their speed, features, and connectivity. But there are also different types you can pick, so which of them should you get?

To address that question, we’ll go over the types of WiFi extenders and some of their features first. This is so that you’ll have an idea what range extender is best for you when going through our list.

3 Types of WiFi Extenders
1. Desktop
The standard model of wireless range extenders, desktop models look just like your router or ISP Gateway. There are excellent to place anywhere as long as they can communicate with the router.

Newer models have more modern designs. You could find a squarish model like the Netgear Nighthawk X6 or even one like the vertical speaker-esque D-Link AC1200, for example.

2. Plug-In
This type of WiFi extender is extra-convenient as all you have to do is plug it in an electrical outlet, set it up accordingly, and connect to the Internet.

But then again, occupying the entire outlet might not let you plug in other devices… unless the extender has an outlet on it (like the pass-through types do).

3. AC Pass-Through
Just like the plug-in models, pass-through models work by plugging into an electrical socket. The only difference is that a pass-through model has an AC outlet in front to compensate for the port that it’s using.

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