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As a Video Conference company, we create high quality audio visual solutions for your meeting room to help your business improve productivity.

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We specialize in providing top-notch conference room AV solutions, including installation AV services, custom video conferencing solutions and many other AV equipment specifically tailored to meet your requirement. Whether you need meeting room booking systems or state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment, we’ve got you covered. Let us transform your conference meeting rooms into collaborative havens with our innovative AV solutions.

Video Conference Platforms

Choose the right collaboration platform that best suits your business needs

Microsoft Teams Room are meeting rooms that consumes Teams “Room” license. Teams Rooms system provide a complete collaboration experience, bringing state of the art audio video solutions into your meeting room. You can quickly and easily have join video collaboration meetings, make calls, share contents with the one-touch feature.

Zoom Room are meeting rooms that consumes Zoom “Room” license to achieve great conference room experience. They are optimised for modern video conference use case such as HD video and audio, one-touch join, one-click wireless sharing, whiteboard…etc. It’s perfect for meeting room video collaboration.                     

Google Meet makes meeting simple and easy to start a secure video conference call. It transforms a meeting space which allow users to create, schedule and invite internal staffs or external clients. Designed and optimised for collaboration, It is a great medium for online learning, and discussing mission critical agendas over online meeting.


Bring Your Own Device Rooms are meeting rooms where users can bring their own PC/laptop into the meeting room and connect to the entire video conference system through a single interface. This way the video conference hardware is not bound to any particular platform and you have the freedom to use whichever software you like.

Video Conference Installation Service

Regardless of a greenfield or brownfield deployment, Cackle’s professional services simplifies it by providing an optimized reference design for each of your meeting spaces. We ensure that your meeting room deployment is flawless and hassel-free. Cackle, a New Zealand AV company can assist your business every step of the way from pre-installation design to post-deployment management.

1. Pre-deployment

Site Survey

Room design and hardware recommendation

System set-up and hardware configuration

On-site Deployment

Completion Test

User and
Admin Training

2. Deployment

3. Post-deployment

Ongoing Support

Remote Management

Monitoring and Alerts

Video Conference Room Layouts

We cater to all meeting room types

Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Meeting Room Video Conference Solutions

In the era of modern business dynamics, effective collaboration is non-negotiable. Enter the Meeting Room AV System, a game-changer for businesses striving for streamlined communication. Whether it’s the integration of Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom-enabled conference spaces, Google Meet Rooms or all-in-one solutions, the landscape of audio and visual services has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Elevate Meetings with Meeting Room AV Solutions

Gone are the days of clunky setups and technical glitches during crucial meetings. Meeting Room AV Solutions combine audio and visual prowess to deliver immersive communication experiences. From crystal-clear video conferencing to seamless content sharing, these solutions redefine the way teams interact, regardless of their physical locations.

Microsoft Teams Room Solutions

Microsoft Teams has become the heartbeat of remote collaboration. Now, imagine extending that experience into dedicated meeting spaces. With Microsoft Teams Room Solutions, your meeting room evolves into a hub of innovation. These solutions seamlessly integrate with Teams, enabling effortless scheduling, video conferencing, and content sharing—all from the comfort of the conference room.

Zoom for Conference Room Solutions

Zoom has revolutionized virtual meetings, and its impact extends to physical spaces too. Zoom for Conference Rooms brings the power of the platform into meeting spaces, ensuring consistency between virtual and in-person interactions. It's about fostering a cohesive experience, where participants both inside and outside the room can collaborate seamlessly.

Simplify Virtual Meetings with Google Meet​

In the digital age, staying connected is paramount, and Google Meet is here to bridge the gap. As a versatile and user-friendly video conferencing platform, Google Meet empowers individuals and teams to connect, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly. Whether it's a quick catch-up or a full-fledged presentation, Google Meet's seamless interface and integrated features make virtual meetings a breeze. 

Logitech and Yealink: Pioneering the Way​

Leaders in AV innovation, Logitech and Yealink have joined forces with Microsoft Teams to create dedicated Teams Room solutions. Logitech's Microsoft Teams Room Kits offer everything needed for a smooth conferencing experience, from high-quality cameras to touch controllers. Meanwhile, Yealink's Teams Room solutions redefine simplicity and efficiency, aligning perfectly with Microsoft's collaboration ecosystem.

Booking Made Easy with native room system

Efficient management of meeting spaces is essential for any business. Video Conference Room Booking systems allow teams to reserve rooms effortlessly, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. These video conference platforms and room system sync with your calendar and devices, minimizing room conflicts and ensuring every meeting runs without a hitch.

In the realm of modern business, where connectivity knows no bounds, Meeting Room AV Solutions stand as the bridge between virtual and physical interactions. With Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms, Zoom-enabled spaces, and the innovative prowess of brands like Logitech and Yealink, businesses can redefine collaboration. It’s not just about upgrading a meeting room—it’s about embracing the future of interconnected teamwork.


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