Sony TV has ambient Optimization is a new feature for 2020. It optimizes picture and sound quality for any environment. The sensor in the TV detects the amount of light in a room and adjust the picture’s brightness accordingly.

With the sound optimization, compatible TVs go a step further by detecting objects close to the TV can absorb or reflect sound, and it fine-tunes the acoustics for a less-compromised audio performance.

The design aesthetic for selected TVs has been refined with what Sony calls its Immersive Edge design. The idea is to minimize the impact of the bezel and stand for a more unobstructed viewing experience.

Moreover, TVs are increasingly, TVs are meant to blend seamlessly into our homes. No longer big, dark pieces of furniture that dominate a room, now TVs are almost all screen with no frame or bezel, and they’re meant to look sharp and integrate a variety of programming into your home and your life.

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