40″ to 59″ TVs – Once upon a time, the family sofa determined how big or small the Television should be. But today’s TVs are rewriting all the rules, so that’s over.

In fact, the one thing every serious review of current 4K TVs will tell you: bigger is better. Go too small, and you will regret it. That’s how amazing TVs are these days, not only with respect to picture, but design as well.

Let’s make this easy: though OLED is more expensive. It’s by far the best picture technology. Period. End of story. To be clear: though OLED wins the picture contest, a good 4K LED TV still offers a spectacular viewing experience. And the good ones come with the same smart TV features found in OLED TVs. Add to that, 4K LED TVs cost less than OLED TVs – possibly freeing up money for that killer sound bar or awesome surround sound system you’re going to want.

Both LED and OLED TVs are thin, but OLED is thinner. Some LED TVs are 1/4 inch thin, but some OLED TVs are as thin as a couple of credit cards. Caveat: Some TVs have a “bump” on the back that prohibits a tight fit, but a professional installation can bury the bump in the wall for a perfectly flush-to-the-wall look.

Lower-end LED TVs often have viewing angle issues — you have to sit directly in front of the TV to see the best picture. If you’re off to the side, the picture fades. This is not an issue with OLED technology — every viewing angle is optimum.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide 40″ to 59″ TVs to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the hardware that’s right for you.

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