Brateck is a global brand producing quality bracket solution with a deep understanding of the mounting technologies. These mounts offer industry-leading diversity in mounting solutions. Such as wall mount, ceiling mount, standing mount to cart/Trolley for both TV and computer monitors.

It has a comprehensive range of audio video mounts has been specifically developed for use with home AV equipment. The main range includes mounting solutions for tablets, flat panel TVs loudspeaker, AV components, etc.

All of which has been designed for simple installation and come with many additional features making our AV devices easy to install and great to use.

It is one of the leading supplier to manufacture sit to stand desk, monitor arm, TV bracket, TV wall mount, TV stand, menu board mount, video wall mount manufacturer.

Lastly, Explore our Brateck selection to find the solution that’s right for you. Find your Brateck mounting solutions today!

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