A Cordless VoIP Phones is a crucial piece of communication hardware. These devices uses an open-standard solution called SIP to handle phone calls. Unlike more traditional phones, SIP devices transfer data to people around using the Internet Protocol network.

With SIP phones, your voice goes through the IP network using another open standard named RTP. This allows you to connect with VoIP or Unified Communications software and clients through the internet. The great thing about SIP technology, is that it doesn’t just carry voice. With SIP phones, you can also process multi-media conversations with video and content too.

Most analysts define VoIP phone as hardware or endpoint solutions. These devices look like regular telephones, but the internal workings align with IP-aware components. The desk phone connects to an IP network using ethernet cables, or Wi-Fi. SIP phones can access cordless technology known as DECT.

In some cases, you may also include softphones in the definition of SIP technology. SIP softphones are software programs that offer telephone functionality. This could mean that you download your business phone technology onto a tablet, a desktop computer, or a smartphone.

In the mobile landscape, where more employees are working from home, softphones are very useful. With a softphone, you can allow your employees to use their own devices to connect with the office.

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