Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer in the global POS industry, provides solutions for printers, cash drawers, and proof of transaction for any POS application.

The history of our company began in July 1950 when Star Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was established in Tegoshi, Shizuoka City (currently Tegoshi, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City). At that time, with six employees and five automatic lathes, we started out manufacturing and selling parts for wristwatches and cameras, and have continued to manufacture parts that require constant fine and high-precision processing for 70 years.

It has been a constant quest for even higher precision. We improved and remodeled machine tools in order to make the best use of the technology we had at that time, and eventually came to produce our own machine tools such as the “Swiss-type Automatic Lathe” in-house. At the same time, we have accumulated technologies in electrical engineering and information engineering, and have expanded our field of activities to meet the needs of the times, including the development of printers. Our technology for pursuing “precision”, which has been handed down to the present, will continue to develop further in the future.

Star Micronics Company, Ltd. is a global manufacturer of point of sale printers and cash drawers. Extensive technical expertise, amassed from over 50 years of experience in precision technology, led to the creation of a wide array of high quality products.

Star products are manufactured in facilities throughout the world, featuring the latest factory automation and computer integrated manufacturing systems. Its high total efficiency ensures high productivity and competitive prices on products that are sold worldwide and backed by an integrated sales and marketing network that stretches across the globe.

Star audio products are used in applications such as automotive, wireless communications, medical instrumentation, testing equipment, alarms, computer peripherals, appliances, general industrial hardware and more.

Star printer products are recognized to be leaders in markets such as Retail Point Of Sales, hospitality, Banking, ATM and other multiple unattended applications.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide POS and IT accessories by Star Micronics to NZ businesses. Explore our StarTech selection to find the solution that’s right for you.

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