Laptop bags are sold in nearly every shape and size, material and price range. We’ll review important considerations when choosing a notebook bag in this article including the bag’s intended purpose, material choices, notebook protection and more.

The size of the bag you’re looking for will depend greatly upon the answer to this question. The bag naturally has to fit the notebook itself plus its power adapter. If you’re a student, you may be looking to pack books as well. And for commuters, a bottle of water or two (which take more space than you think). And then the miscellaneous items such as cell phone chargers, headphones, tablets, a digital camera, business cards and other accessories you’d typically take with you.

Notebook bags are typically marketed to fit certain size notebooks; it’s usually a range e.g. 14-15” or 16-17”. It’s almost certain that a 17.3” notebook isn’t going to fit a bag intended for a 14” model. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to buy a 17.3” notebook bag for your 14” notebook.

The advantage with buying a bag specifically marketed as a notebook bag is that it will in all likelihood have a dedicated compartment for the notebook computer. Bag makers will post the specifications of this compartment – please make sure your notebook fits within the space. It’s advisable to stay within a half inch of wiggle room in any particular direction so the notebook fits snugly; in the event of an impact or other jarring movement, you’ll want the notebook to stay in place (think of how it’s important to have your seatbelt fit securely in a car). If you’re planning to store your notebook in a sleeve and then inside the bag, measure the dimensions of the notebook in the sleeve and make sure it fits. Check out our guide to choosing a notebook sleeve if you’re interested in one.

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