Docking Station has become a part of everyday laptop peripheral. Especially in these locked-down and sheltered-in-place days. Computing on a laptop is taking on new norms and forms.

Many professionals have transitioned from office desks to home offices and impromptu workspace. Sometimes, work can get done on a coffee or kitchen table. But at other times, you need a proper desktop-style setup with multiple monitors, more USB ports, and maybe even a Gigabit Ethernet jack for a more stable, wired Internet connection.

If you don’t want to manage a pack of dongles and adapters for everything from external displays to USB hubs. A docking station is your best solution short of buying a whole separate desktop PC.

Some laptop makers, such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, offer up “official,” branded docks for their fleets of computers. But you can also find a whole world of third-party docks with extra features, unique designs, and sometimes lower prices.

A dedicated Docking Station powers your laptop, drives one or more displays, connects to a wired network, and allows you to keep USB devices attached. Plug in a single connector, and you’re ready to get to work.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Docking Station to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the solution that’s right for you.

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