Apple AirPods are widely regarded as one of the company’s best products in recent years. With it offering great battery life, portability, simple charging, easy connectivity, and unparalleled Bluetooth range.

AirPods are so popular that Apple still has trouble keeping them in stock at times, and two years after launch, it’s not uncommon to see an abundance out on the street, in movies, in TV shows, and everywhere else you look.

If you’re new to it, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips, this guide is for you.

They are completely wire-free headphones, which look a bit like the Apple EarPods from older devices, but without the cables. AirPods have Apple-designed tech inside like a special wireless chip called the W1 or H1 (depending on version), an accelerometer for gestures, dual optical sensors, dual beamforming microphones for Siri and phone calls, and a second accelerometer for speech detection.

They come with the AirPods Charging Case, which is used for both charging and storage purposes so the AirPods don’t get lost. The Charging Case is about the size of a container of dental floss, so it’s easily pocketable. A Lightning port at the bottom lets the AirPods and the case be charged with the Lightning cables you already have on hand, and the Wireless Charging Case lets you charge with a Qi wireless charger.

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