Wireless Access Point or WAP is a device that allows different types of wireless network cards connect without cables. Hence it connects wirelessly to LANs and access resources, including the Internet.

A WAP plugs into a hub or switch and is the device that joins the un-wired network to the wired network. As shown earlier, you can put a router or firewall between the wireless network and the wired network providing a secure barrier. This is between the unsecure wireless network and the secure wired network.

WAPs support the standards we defined earlier; if you are using an 802.11b WAP then most 802.11b/g/n cards should be able to access them as they all operate on the same 2 GHz frequency. If you have an 802.11a access point you will need an 802.11a card as this is not in the same frequency as the other standards.

There are a few access points that support both the 2 GHz and the 5 GHz range. They are rare and expensive. There are also routers that support wireless connections as well. They range from home use to commercial/business use.

For home use, you will find Linksys routers that will support both wired and wireless access to digital subscriber line or cable Internet connections, all the way up to the Cisco 1800 line that are commercial level routers that include a wireless feature set as well as wired connections. The price range runs from $80 to $5,000 depending on the features and level of router you purchase.

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