Security Locks & Cables – To us, security is about more than saving your physical device from theft — it’s also about saving data from falling into the wrong hands, which could be far more costly than simply replacing the device. That’s why our innovative security solutions are tough, easy to use, and compatible with 90% of business devices. Below is a breakdown of what sets our locks apart from the rest, providing you with the industry-leading solutions you’ve come to expect from the pioneer in physical device protection.

Thanks to modern slim and portable laptops, we can take our computers with us anywhere we want to go. It only takes a second to close the lid and throw it in a bag, making our digital lifestyle more convenient than it ever has before.

Unfortunately, this comes with a trade-off. If your laptop allows you to grab and go with a moment’s notice, this means that a thief can do the same. Whether you’re trying to set up a laptop for public use or keeping your own tech secured in the workplace, a laptop locking cable is a quick and easy way to protect your investment.

How do they work? Almost every laptop since the mid-1990s includes a popular “Kensington Lock”. This is a small, rectangular slot that is reinforced with metal. By attaching a specially designed lock, you’re able to anchor the laptop to something secure. There are a number of different styles and brands of laptop locking cables available. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the three best models on the market. We’ll help you understand the differences between them, and pick the one that’s right for you.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Security Locks & Cables to NZ businesses. Choose from a selection of vendors, explore our products to find the right solution for you.