If you’re thinking of buying one of the best 80+ inch TVs, then you’re about to enter the wonderful world of elite home cinema.

A screen this big is not only a significant financial investment, but it’s going to require a serious amount of space. It’s a huge step up over the best 65-inch TVs, and even the difference from the best 75-inch TVs is more than you might expect.

More importantly, an 80+ inch HDR TV can deliver levels of peak brightness that are impossible for a projector, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of HDR.

Unsurprisingly an 80+ inch TV is really large, and while such a screen could fit in a normal living room, it will probably dominate the space to an undesirable degree, unless you have a huge open space.

A TV this big should really be installed in a dedicated room. Where it can take centre stage and its size won’t be an issue. Wall mounting is probably the best approach, but make sure the wall is load bearing and the bracket robust.

You can theoretically sit up to 18 feet away. But given the increased resolution available these days you can sit much closer, making the experience more immersive.

You should also consider investing in a multi-channel audio system. So there’s a big soundstage to accompany those impressive visuals. At the very least, take a look at the best soundbars – some give you Dolby Atmos sound with rear speakers.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide 80+ inch TVs to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the hardware that’s right for you.

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