Phones – The phone instrument continued to evolve over time.
As can be illustrated by the succession of American instruments described below.

The concept of mounting both the transmitter and the receiver in the same handle appeared in 1878. It was in instruments designed for use by telephone operators in a New York City exchange.

The earliest telephone instrument was introduced by Charles Williams Jr.
While it was designed for wall mounting, this instrument consisted of a ringer, a hand-cranked magneto. As well as a hand receiver, a switch hook, and a transmitter.

In addition, various versions of this telephone instrument remained in use throughout the United States as late as the 1950s. As is noted in the section Switching, the telephone dial originated with automatic telephone switching systems in 1896.

However, modern telephone instruments are largely electronic. Wire coils that performed multiple functions have been replaced by integrated circuits that are powered by the line voltage.
Mechanical bell ringers have given way to electronic ringers.

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