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What is Cackle Cloud Phone System?

Retire your on-premises PBX, move to a cloud-based solutions, and gear up for a distributed workforce. Cackle Cloud Phone is a Unified Communication solution that extends the power of a voice system into a complete collaboration experience. Remote working is here to stay, with distributed teams demonstrating high productivity through the benefit of flexible hours, reduced travel requirements and greater work/life balance.

Now you can enable distributed working for your businesses. Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device with cloud voice, chat, video and share with a complete Unified Communications solution.

Meet Cisco Webex. It can be provisioned onto a physical desk phone, PC softphone, or a mobile client on iOS or Android – with Cloud Phone you have the freedom of movement, fast access and flexibility.

Cloud Phone System Features

Feature Rich Cloud Phone System

Cloud Phone System

Hunt Group

Calls are distributed from a single phone number to a group of extensions. If a team member is not available to answer the phone, calls will automatically distribute to a team member who can.

Cloud Phone System

Auto Attendant

Calls are answered by an automated operator with personalized greeting message and menu options. E.g ‘For sales, press 1. For service, press 2.’
Cloud Phone System

Call Scheduling

Set a time-of-day schedule for Hunt Group, Auto Attendant, or extensions to have different greetings for business hours and outside of business hours.
Cloud Phone System

Call Transfer

Call transfer, or call forwarding allows the inbound calls to be rerouted to another extension or a messaging system with pre-defined rules.

Call Queue

Incoming calls are placed in line to be answered as agents are busy with other calls. Calls are routed based on first in, first out. Enabled with greeting message and music is played while waiting on hold in the queue. Agents can also log in and out of queues, if desired.

Call Recording

Record all incoming and outgoing calls that is saved on a highly secured and encrypted server for replay and archival. This feature is helpful for quality assurance, training and more.

Analytics & Reports

Accessible web portal for analytics and report on the activity and performance of agents and call centers under supervision. Reports can show multiple parameters such as call duration, abandoned calls, idle duration, etc. in HTML, PDF, and Excel format.

Supervisor App

Allows the supervisor to oversee individual call center or distributed multi-site centers, regardless of geographic location. Supervisors have the ability to real-time monitor agents and queue activities all from their panel. E.g – silent monitoring, call barge in, call conferencing.

Cloud Phone System is a Hosted Service

Entrust our Cloud Phone System With High Availability

  • You can have the confidence in enterprise level, carrier grade cloud voice and collaboration tool that can scale up and down to suit your business’ need.
  • Reliable digital conferencing via our standalone app or through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and productivity apps.
  • Geo-redundant solution to support your business continuity plan.
  • Advanced call features to improve customer experience including call recording, routing, queuing, custom-on-hold music, IVR, call analytics and more.
Cloud Phone System

Self-Service Automated Platform


Manage Your Cloud Phone System With Ease

SASBOSS™ is a web portal developed by Access4 that allows you to manage your business’s billing, provisioning and support. This makes ordering and deploying your unified communication solution simple and easy.

SASBOSS is intuitive and user friendly, with a custom-built interface so anyone in your business can manage your UCaaS solutions. Forget siloed product management! Order, deploy and invoice a range of products and integrations across different providers all via the platform.

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