Corsair has long been a trusted brand in the PC building world, known especially for its high-quality RAM, cases, and even keyboards. If you’ve built a PC in the last two decades, you’ve probably used at least one of the company’s products. But until now, the company has not forayed into offering complete, pre-built systems in the same way as companies like MSI and Gigabyte or custom build manufacturers like Digital Storm or Origin PC. The closest the company came in recent years was with the Bulldog—an ugly-as-sin “PC starter kit” case that included a mobo, PSU, and liquid CPU cooler, but made you supply everything else. Considering the company makes nearly every part of a PC, it’s only sensible that it would create a complete system.

With the One, Corsair clearly establishes itself as a true pre-built system manufacturer—and it’ll have a strong foundation to built upon from there. The One is a triumph in clean design, excellent performance, and small form factor. Measuring 7.9 x 6.9 x 14.9 inches, the One stands only a few inches taller than the Mac Pro, and with a look that’s futuristic more by way of Tron than of dustbin. It has definitely earned a spot in our best gaming PC roundup.

One of the most impressive things about the Corsair One is its cooling solution. Both the CPU and GPU are cooled by their own 240mm radiator. But rather than outfitting each of those with their own fans, the entire One is cooled by a single 140mm maglev fan up top that pulls cold air in through the radiators and exhausts it out the top. The result is a well-cooled system with a minimal footprint that runs whisper quiet.

Overall design is impressively compact. Sure, you can build and buy mini-ITX systems that are small—smaller even, than the One—but Corsair utilizes every internal square-inch of the One to full effect. There’s no wasted space, and no addons for the sake of having frills. The One takes the best that Corsair has to offer, and distills things down into a very svelte machine. Did I mention it’s powerful?

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