Gaming Headsets = Headphones + Built-in Mic + Gaming Features.

Compared to gaming headphones, gaming headsets are more straight forward. It has a built-in mic that can be detachable or retractable, depending on each manufacturer. The mic might also come with bell and whistles like noise cancellation and bi-directionality.

The gaming headset’s features are also naturally geared towards gaming such as virtual surround sound, tactile on-headset button for on-the-fly game configuration, etc.

Just like gaming headphones, they also have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Traditional gaming headsets are designed for gamers looking for a convenient and more portable solution for their audio gaming needs, allowing them to listen and communicate in-game without worrying too much about the technical details involved in setting up multiple devices.

Original gaming headsets were not built for casual everyday use. They most often featured aesthetics from video games. Although they sold well among gamers due to their loud and gaming-inspired designs, this made them less fashionable compared to traditional music headphones. However, in recent years, manufacturers have stepped up their design game.

Today make for ideal multiple purpose audio companions for gamers who don’t want to spend money on separate devices.

As always, you get what you pay for. But, because manufacturers have to worry about packing in a decent microphone and good audio in a gaming headset without upping the price too much, you’ll find lower build quality in gaming headsets compared to headphones from a similar price range.

Spending a bit more for premium options can give you a better quality. Still, that doesn’t hide the fact that similarly priced won’t be as good, sturdy, or dependable.

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