A tablet, or tablet PC, is a portable computer that uses a touchscreen as its primary input device. Most tablets are slightly smaller and weigh less than the average laptop. While some tablets include fold out keyboards, others, such as the Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom, only offer touchscreen input.

Early tablet touchscreens were designed to work with light pens, but most modern tablets support human touch input. Many tablets now support multitouch input, which allows you to perform gestures with multiple fingers, such as pinching an image to zoom out, or spreading your fingers apart to zoom in. Tablets without physical keyboards allow you to enter text using a pop-up keyboard that appears on the screen.

Tablet is widely used for Video Conference Solutions. The sole purpose of this device is to provide room control to the meeting. For example, when you need to adjust the audio volume, pan/tilt/zoom the camera.

This intuitive touch interface provides easy access to conferencing solutions. Sleek design features a high-resolution touch display to ensure that the control options are clear and accessible.
A single cable carries both power and data to reduce clutter.

Today, the most common type of tablet is the slate style, like Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. External keyboards are available for most slate-style tablets, and some keyboards also function as docking stations for the devices.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Tablets to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the hardware that’s right for you.

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