By using a DECT router & repeater, it is possible to extend the operational range of a cordless DECT phone.

For example, with a skillful arrangement large buildings can have complete coverage with a DECT signal. A DECT repeater can also be used outdoors to increase the DECT range.

When ceilings, floors, walls or large objects obstruct the spread of the DECT signal, or if crackling, noise or interference on the DECT connection occurs, a DECT repeater can solve these issues.

A DECT repeater works Similar to a Wi-Fi repeater. While the DECT standard allows for a range around a base station of approximately 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors.
It extends the maximum achievable distances considerably. Placed on the edge of the basic coverage area, it can double the maximum distance from the base.
A DECT base station can register up to six repeaters. This allows the overall radius to expand around the base in any direction.

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