Ethernet extenders, also known as network extender or LAN extender. It is any device used to extend an Ethernet or network segment beyond its inherent distance limitation. Which is approximately 100 meters for most common forms of twisted pair Ethernet.

These devices employ a variety of transmission technologies and physical media.

In addition, ethernet extenders forward traffic between LANs transparent to higher network-layer protocols over distances that far exceed the limitations of standard Ethernet.

You can extend

  • USB
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Internet

and more over the extender adapter.

In addition, extenders that use copper wire include 2- and 4-wire variants using unconditioned copper wiring to extend a LAN. Network extenders use various methods. Such as TC-PAM, 2B1Q or DMT, to transmit information. While transmitting over copper wire does not allow for the speeds that fiber-optic transmission does, it allows the use of existing voice-grade copper or CCTV coaxial cable wiring.

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