3.5mm adapters is a small round connector for accepting the pin-shaped plug from a standard pair of music headphones.

The most common arrangement is having the male plug and the female socket mounted in a piece of equipment. In addition, a considerable variety of line plugs and panel sockets is available, including plugs suiting various cable sizes, right-angle plugs.

The adapter adopts the TRRS standards. This is where two different forms are frequently found. Both of which place left audio on the tip and right audio on the first ring (for compatibility with stereo connectors). Where they differ is in the placement of the microphone and return contacts:

The 3.5mm jack have multiple uses and support computer, video, recording equipment and mobile phones. However, modern day 3.5mm adapters are designed and adapts USB-C or lightning connectivity for mobile phones. This Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack adapter lets you connect devices that use a 3.5 mm audio plug to your Lightning devices. The USB-C to 3.5-mm Headphone Jack Adapter lets you connect devices that use a standard 3.5-mm audio plug.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide 3.5mm adapters NZ businesses. From different vendors such as Apple, Alogic, Samsung and more. Explore our selection to find the solution that’s right for you.

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