Recording Accessories – On the recording end of things, the user might be a lawyer, doctor, radiologist, journalist, etc; someone who dictates during the day and is in need of having files transcribed. There are various options from which to choose when looking for digital transcription and recording equipment. A few of those options include:

Digital Recorders- handheld devices that users can take on the road or use in the office; prices may range anywhere from $70-$500 depending on the item. Most digital recorders will come with a USB cable that connects to a computer. From there, users can upload the files, and then send them off to be transcribed.

Two types of recorders that are used widely across many industries are:
Dictation recorders with full insert, overwrite, and review on the fly while making the dictation. Or, conference recorders for CD-quality stereo recording of a meeting or other audio source you’re trying to capture for playback later.

Transcription equipment for digital files will usually consist of a foot pedal and software. The software will allow you to play back the audio files under foot pedal control, while you transcribe into your favorite word processor. (The foot pedal controls will include Play, Pause, Backstep, Fast Forward, etc.) The software also allows you to change the speed of the audio.

or those who need a transcription system that handles multiple source formats other than just audio we recommend our exclusive Start-Stop OmniVersal Audio/Video/DVD Transcription System. This system is World’s most Versatile and Robust Transcription System and offers full pedal control. This system benefits those who need to transcribe recorded interviews for law enforcement agencies, those working in the movie or cinema industry, or those needing to transcribe recorded focus groups, city council meetings, courtroom hearings and much more no matter whether it’s audio, video, or a DVD recording.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide recording accessories to NZ businesses. Choose from a selection of vendors, explore our products to find the right solution for you.

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