Managed switches let users adjust each port on the switch to any setting, enabling them to manage, configure and monitor the network in many ways. They also provide greater control over how data travels over the network and who can access that data.

Managed switches generally offer Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which enables users to monitor the statuses of the switch and individual switch ports and provides statistics like traffic throughput, network errors and port status. Network admins can track this data over time and use it for both troubleshooting and network capacity purposes.

Managed switch ports can be configured as trunks, a process that tags data frames with a VLAN ID and transports multiple VLAN frames across a single link. Trunk ports are typically used to connect two switches together or to connect a switch to a VM server that requires access to multiple VLANs. Admins can also virtually combine multiple ports to form port aggregated links that transport at two, four and eight times the speed of a single link.

Lastly, managed network switches usually have a remotely accessible console — command-line or web interface — to enable administrators to make configuration changes or adjustments from different physical locations.

Managed switches have more capability than unmanaged switches, but they also require a skilled administrator or engineer to make the most of them. A managed switch enables better control of networks and the data frames moving through them.

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