Interactive Display adds interactivity to traditional digital signage. Where it puts information or promotional content on view.
Regardless of whether or not viewers are paying attention.
It’s a broadcasting system that sends time-orchestrated content, much like television, except that you don’t have the remote in your hand.

Interactive digital signage, on the other hand, turns viewers to users. The content becomes part of an experience that is orchestrated by users and thus personalized.
Each user can express their preferences and selections through interaction, retrieving information specific to their individual needs and interests.

As evinced by the term itself, the early forms of digital signage focused on hardware.
Big leaps in the industry were due to display solution advances driven by the market’s aspirations.
Around physical limitations, graphic capacity, readability, and reliability.
Thinner display technologies such as plasma and LCD superseded bulky analog displays, and eventually, even thinner and brighter displays such as LED and OLED displays were introduced.

The implication of those accelerated breakthroughs in display technology spilled over into the content and software side.
In addition, they are affordable, dynamic, and responsive display solutions became available in the market.
And the continuous push and pull of demand and supply increased the number of digital signage solution end-users all competing to grasp people’s attention.

Moreover, the rise of technology, technical advancement. It has opened a new world of possibilities. Today’s interactive display is more than just an eye-catching display that it used to be.
The range of interactions that can be made on digital signage has expanded to the level that is not easy to define.

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