Kaysuda is renowned technology company established in 2014. The office and manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen with convenient transportation access to our customers.

Kaysuda is a professional brand that focuses on conference meeting related products. For example, the portfolio includes webcams, infrared and 4K camera with Windows Hello feature, USB and Bluetooth speakerphone.

In addition to our product suite, our goal is to make every conference call and conference meeting more efficient by providing high end audio and video quality for our customers.

One of our customer favorite is the infrared camera with facial recognition for Windows Hello. Kaysuda’s facial recognition uses analytical program that identifies and authenticates a specific person by their facial features. Furthermore, it is coupled with the software that uses bio-metrics to map the geometry of the face. It notes more than sixty facial landmarks, measuring and then calculating a number to represent the combined relative distances.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide webcam and speakerphone to NZ businesses. Kaysuda has a vast product suite to cater for your work environment. Whether it’s an open plan office, closed space cubical. No more worrying about inefficient hardware that bottlenecks your workflow. Lastly, with Kaysuda you can rest assure you’re getting the best quality and most bang for your buck solution.