PC Case Accessories – A PC built with expensive components looks better but when you want better functionality of your PC, it is equally important to invest in PC case accessories which don’t cost much but make life easier. I have been using different accessories for my PC case and I can’t just imagine why would one spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars without getting these utilities.

The first and the most important PC case accessory is the chassis fan. Not only today but for decades, it has been the mandatory accessory for most of the PC cases as it is required for your system to evacuate heat that builds up inside.

RGB LED strip is the most common beautifying PC case accessory which is used widely and don’t cost much. While there are several small branded LED strips that cost somewhere from $10-$20, they aren’t as reliable as popular branded LED strips are. These are short but are enough to illuminate your whole chassis from the inside. This is the second most important accessory for your case and definitely the best affordable choice overall.

A fan hub uses a single fan header on your motherboard and allows you to connect multiple fans at the same time. The Silverstone fan hub which I recommend comes with 8x fan PWM headers and will also allow you to control the fan speed easily.

Vertical GPU holder supports the graphics card from start to end making it completely parallel to the bottom or top of the case. The Cooler Master ELV8 is a universal graphics cardholder with RGB LEDs to support your GPU and increases case aesthetics.

Cackle is proud to offer PC Case Accessories to all of New Zealand.