Gigabyte Monitor makes bezels and stands that look and feel a bit higher quality.

Build quality, or how well the monitors are assembled, has not been a problem with either brand among the many monitors I’ve installed.

Quality control matters for avoiding the frustration of a defective display out of the box. Gigabyte seem to do as well as can be expected given the variation between panels.

Many monitors share the same panels, but nearly everything else is unique to the brand you choose.

Overall, Gigabyte has a better feature set between similar models. It has some of the best user interfaces on their monitors.

The OSD, or On Screen Display, is well laid out and easy to navigate on all recent Gigabyte models I’ve used.

Gigabyte monitor go a step further and offers software to install called DisplayWidget.

You can make quick changes to brightness, contrast, and color using slider bars. I find this more convenient to do with the mouse than with buttons on the monitor. App Sync is another great feature of DisplayWidget. You can customize display settings based on the app you launch. Perhaps you like to lower the brightness when watching movies, or to increase the saturation when you’re playing a particular game. This is easy to automate with a few clicks.

Gigabyte continues to deliver on our In Search of Incredible promise as we strive to become the world’s most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Gigabyte monitor to NZ businesses to suit your office need. Explore our selection to find the solution that’s right for you.