Video Conference Accessories consist of bits and pieces that make up a conference bundle.


Firstly, a second screen is extremely useful if content is to be shared.
This content may include medical imaging for a patient consultation. Or a PowerPoint presentation during an education session.
In addition, the additional pan/tilt/zoom camera may be able to be connected.
This is ideal in an emergency room situation.
For example, where one camera can provide an overview of the room.
And a second camera can be positioned above the patient be to give a close-up view.

Second microphone or wireless microphone

Secondly, most modern video conferencing units have microphones that are very effective at pick up range.
Nowadays, even wireless microphone can be used in the setup.
Moreover, this helps to eliminate background noise.
Some situations, however, such as large or busy rooms, may benefit from a second microphone.

Touch Panel Control

While touch screen controllers provide a simpler, visual way for users to operate a system.
Remote controls are not always intuitive, so for people not familiar with the equipment.
A video conferencing unit can be difficult to operate.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Video Conference Accessories to NZ businesses.
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