Jabra is a global brand with a serious passion for sound. Having great expertise in consumer, professional and medical audio technology. Jabra’s passion is backed up by unrivaled knowledge of the human ear.

They are in the business of helping customer hear what they want to hear. From letting the right sound in, to filtering disruptive noise out but our products are about so much more than that, packed with intuitive features to make life sound better.

Furthermore, Jabra is all about producing future-proofing headset with monitoring and analytics. As a result, businesses can advance their digital evolution by with their employees with Jabra. A solution built for all the challenges of modern knowledge workers: concentration in the office, remote collaboration, and the need for flexibility. Fueled by 150 years of audio engineering excellence, Jabra has a proven track record in sound engineering.

Lastly, Jabra wireless headset are great for bustling open-plan offices and busy reception areas. Their ambient noise filtration creates an unbeatable call quality, no matter how loud your work environment.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide wireless headphones and noise-canceling headsets to NZ businesses.

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