Neat has an incredibly unique story in the tech space. We began offering a desktop expense tool and became the first vendor to develop a fully integrated software/hardware bundle. Neat software, coupled with the family of Neat Scanners was a first in the industry. Neat grew to support nearly two million consumers and businesses by helping homeowners with organization needs, and small business with expense and document management.

Everything you need to get your device up and running fast is in the box, including all mounts and cables. You also get clearly animated setup and installation instructions.

At Neat, we always start with active listening as we partner with our customers. We seek to win together. Education is in our DNA – we want to learn and we want to share our learnings to drive mutual success.

Innovation is only possible when we thirst for knowledge. Curiosity drives all of us at Neat to challenge ourselves and our assumptions in order to create a better product and experience for our customers.

We create tools to empower our customers to do it themselves, whenever and wherever. We trust our teammates and our partners and provide what’s needed to make everyone work smarter. Empowerment starts with support and thrives with curiosity.

Sound Judgment
We identify root causes and generate ideas to go beyond just treating symptoms, even when ambiguity is present. We make decisions and hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our promises.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Neat to NZ businesses. Choose from a selection of vendors, explore our products to find the right solution for you.