Dahua Monitor – It wasn’t that long ago that you could expect to pay a pretty penny for the privilege of putting a 4K monitor on your PC, but these days you don’t have to fork out the big bucks for high pixel counts.

One of the newer players in the local budget high-resolution display market is Chinese security company Dahua Technology.

The 28-inch LM28-F420 4K monitor we have here is the first product we’ve looked at from Dahua and our first impressions are pretty good.

While Dahua does have both US and UK shopfronts, this particular model is only available in Australia currently.

The design borrows a lot from gaming monitors with an angular V-shaped stand design and a bright-red metal screen support.

That said, when looking at it from front on, you only see a tiny fraction of the loud support, and the minimal black bezels and white menu labels are pretty subtle.

The screen is 66.8cm wide, 36.8cm tall and 5.7cm at its thickest point, so even though it is a budget device there’s not really much blowout in the size.

The VESA display stand lacks any embellishments, but it feels solid and allows the screen to tilt forward or backward, level and even rotate up to 90º in one direction.

Don’t expect much in the way of advanced features or sophisticated menu interfaces. Picture-in-picture, colour presets and gaming tools are well beyond the scope of this display. Kogan and Acer have more feature-rich 28-inch 4K displays that are often on-sale at around the AU$300 mark if you’re happy to spend a bit more, but at this price we can’t find anything that compares to this monitor.

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