Security Camera Accessories ranges from security camera extension cables, PoE injectors, junction boxes to warning signs and decals, are the most indispensable parts to install your security cameras and achieve better performance of your current surveillance systems.

A CCTV camera system makes use of video cameras, also called surveillance cameras to keep track of the interior and exterior of a property, transmit the signal to a monitor or set of monitors, and give real-time 24/7 viewing access.

With all these benefits, a surveillance system has become a must in a society where there is an increase in the crime rate. So when you decide which security system is best for your unique necessities, these are the 5 essential components you should give importance to:

1. Camera
2. Monitoring Station
3. Cables & Routers
4. Video Recorders
5. Data Storage

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide security camera accessories to NZ businesses. Choose from a selection of vendors, explore our products to find the right solution for you.

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