Seismic cabinets / earthquake proof cabinets provide a safe and secure environment for sensitive equipment in zone 4 areas where earthquakes can put systems at risk without any prior warning. The Rainford range of seismic zone 4 cabinets will perform and ensure the integrity of their clients’ housed equipment.

Areas of high seismic activity prone to earthquakes include: Japan, Nepal, India, Ecuador, Philippines, Pakistan, El Salvador, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Portugal and Greece. The range of seismic zone 4 cabinets designed and manufactured by Rainford are designed to GR-63-CORE Zone 4 standard to accommodate the applicable seismic zone requirements.

A single server rack can house hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Because of this, system administrators need to be sure that their rack can handle any hardship that the surrounding environment might bring to them. In high risk areas, seismic server racks are needed in order to protect the investment the data center, companies they service and end users.

Placing a data center in a where earthquakes are more likely isn’t ideal, but where there’s data demand, there’s money to be made. In order to combat harsh environments, manufacturers like RackSolutions step their game up to make sure a rack can handle the natural disaster.

IT equipment breaking is only half of the risk when it comes to earthquakes. The other half is how that will affect a data center’s customers.

Data centers mostly provide compute power and uptime. To an extent, compute power can be achieved by simply purchasing hardware, but the certainty of uptime requires a more sophisticated infrastructure.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Seismic Cabinets to NZ businesses. Choose from a selection of vendors, explore our products to find the right solution for you.

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