Jackson is family-owned-and-operated, the company’s origins lie in electrical equipment – with an emphasis on safety. The company has grown to become Australasia’s leading supplier of industrial power applications and portable power solutions, and is particularly well-known for its LIFEGUARD® power distribution systems. These enclosures are manufactured in highly-resilient polyethylene, glass-reinforced plastic or stainless steel.

The LIFEGUARD® range offers an extensive scope of standard units, of which most are fully customizable, with the support of an expert Sales team. The equipment is popular across a variety of industries, including Building & Construction, Film & TV, Military, Marine & Ports, Farming & Forestry, Industrial Mining, Ship Building, Camping & Caravans, and Transport.

This range is so durable and multi-purposeful a Hire and Service division was established alongside the Sales department with enormous success. Construction sites and community events are just some of the locations you can spot the LIFEGUARD® range of power and lighting equipment. And it is not unusual to walk through the Service department and spot an early model LIFEGUARD® being looked at after a life time of service.

Many products have become industry standard, using components from suppliers such as Fuji Electric, ABL Sursum, Wieland and Multi-contact Earthing Systems.

Developing and manufacturing the LIFEGUARD® product has created and nurtured niche engineering skills – an evolutionary process which has seen the establishment of the specialist divisions within Jackson Industries, namely Jackson Advanced Engineering and Jackson Formwork.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Jackson electrical to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the hardware that’s right for you.

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