Philips Monitor is an essential component to complete your computer. You would need a monitor to be able to start using your desktop. Even if you use laptop, having a good knowledge in monitor technology can be handy. After all, you could also add extra display to your laptop to increase productivity.

They have a wide range of monitors to suit your needs and budget. Knowing the basics of monitor can help you find the right monitor to buy.

Before you purchase a new monitor for your PC, make sure you consider the following to avoid making some costly mistakes:

For tasks like surfing the internet, checking emails and watching videos, you would do well with an average-sized monitor. An IPS monitor with FHD resolution would be more than enough, and depending on your budget. You could find plenty of choices for an everyday monitor.

For working professional, having an IPS display in great as it is less straining to the eyes when using it for hours. Creative producers would also appreciate the color accuracy from a large-sized (23” and up) IPS monitor.

For heavy gaming purposes, high refresh rates and short response time should be the priorities to keep up with today’s games. Having a large screen (25” and up) is great, but pay attention for response time of 5ms and lower and refresh rate of at least 72Hz.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Philips monitor to NZ businesses to suit your office need. Explore our selection to find the solution that’s right for you.

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