The concept of Bring Your Own Device (Small Room) is increasingly being implemented in workplaces. Employees are allowed to bring their personal devices such as phones, tablets, laptops to the meeting room.

Staffs can benefit from personalizing their devices and feel more comfortable using them. As well as access personal data when they need it without having to switch between devices.

A smart way of working. With trends like remote working, flexible office designs, a younger workforce entering business life, optimizing workplace productivity has becoming even more challenging.

Bring Your Own Device (Small Room) is starting to become the norm for meetings and work session. As companies begin to provide access to multiple devices. Such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, these tools should promote productivity and the changing styles of communication. Conference room technology needs to support those changes across device type, location and platforms.

The goal of BYOD should be provide both flexibility and empowerment to employees. While promoting productivity to reach assigned targets and goals as a team. To do that, there needs to be a clear policy with the proper tools to support all.

Optimized for every room size. BYOD makes it easier than ever to scale video to every room. From all-in-one kits and devices for your huddle rooms to customized A/V systems for your training rooms. Combine it with the video conference platform, this is the most simple and easiest way of setting up a meeting space. Simply just plug and play and you can start a meeting.

Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Bring Your Own Device (Small Room) Solution to NZ businesses. Explore our selection to find the hardware that’s right for you.