Portable Printers is a peripheral device that allows user to generate hard copy of the data stored or gathered using digital devices via universal serial bus (USB) or Bluetooth. Portable printer is smaller, compact, and wireless in nature, and it can be easy movable & carried out from one place to another. The features such as easy paper loading, high speed printing, and light weight design, makes it beneficial & easy to use.

The other features such as simplicity in terms of paper loading, flexible function, and wireless operation make it suitable for the different industry verticals such as retail, healthcare, transportation, and others. The others include hospitality and manufacturing sector. The portable printers are also known as mobile printer and it prints all document format including Microsoft office suite and pdf. At present, portable printers are categorized as inkjet, thermal, and impact based on technology. This enables faster & accurate data processing and effective documentation.

The key players operating in the Portable Printer market are Bixolon Co. Ltd, Brother Industries Ltd., Canon Inc., Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, Honeywell International Inc., Polaroid Corporation, Printek LLC, Toshiba Tec Corporation, and ZEBRA Technologies.

The businesses are focusing on rapid expansion in terms of product offerings and the services. This strategic movement involves greater mobility and flexibility in the documentation process. This in result, provides greater and effective business operation.

The increase in internet penetration and WIFI connectivity across various nations, support digital storage, drives the demand for portable printer. Furthermore, the decrease in prices of digital notebooks support the growth of the market.

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