Wireless Presenters – A presentation clicker (or a presentation remote) is a wireless device that acts as a remote to control the movement of your slides during a presentation. A presentation clicker helps to advance the slides, or move back. Some presentation clickers also have a built-in laser that acts as a pointer.

It works by connecting to a computer wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection (often using a Bluetooth receiver). Once connected, it allows the presenter to move the slides forward or backward in the presentation mode using the buttons present on the clicker.

Thus, if you are using a presentation clicker when giving the presentation, you can easily move around on the stage and you don’t have to worry about running back to your computer (or asking someone else) to change the slide!

It is important to note that most presentation clickers come with a Bluetooth receiver that is injected into a USB slot on the computer (much like how a wireless mouse is connected to a laptop or a desktop). Furthermore, a receiver is unique to a specific device. Meaning, if you lose the Bluetooth receiver, the presentation clicker will not work!

Additionally, some clickers are designed to work specifically with a special application such as Microsoft PowerPoint. These clickers won’t work with other presentation applications like Keynote and Google Slides. Whereas, some clickers work with most major presentation applications and even with PDF files!

If you are planning to buy a presentation clicker, make sure that you choose one that works at least with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote!

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