Picking the best 23″-25″ Monitors for your computer can be confusing. The least expensive option might be the right choice for you. But it’s still helpful to understand your options and what separates a $100 monitor from a $1,000 one. It’s a common misconception that computers and their peripherals are obsolete a few years after you buy them.

Screen Size

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is what screen size suits your needs. Most computer monitors range from 19 to 34 inches, measured diagonally from corner to corner. The average user will be happy with 23″-25″ Monitors. This range provides enough screen real estate for general productivity tasks and even light multitasking without overcrowding your desktop.

Connector Type

There are a number of different cables you can use to connect a monitor to a computer. It’s important to make sure your new monitor has ports that are compatible with those on your computer. While you can always get an adapter to make different connection types communicate, you shouldn’t need one. Taking a moment to understand the different connection types will also simplify the process of setting up your monitor.


A screen’s resolution is a measurement of the amount of information it can display. Resolution is measured in pixels, the tiny squares of light that work together to form the image on a screen.
Think of screens like a piece of graphing paper. Each pixel is a square on the graphing paper. The smaller the squares are, the more of them you can fit on the page. The more pixels you have, the more detailed an image you can create.


Hopefully, the above guide taught you everything you ever wanted to know about the different types of computer monitors. For most people, focusing on screen size, resolution, and connection type should be all they need to find the perfect monitor.

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