OM System Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products. The company was established on 12 October 1919, initially specializing in microscopes and thermometers. It holds roughly a 70-percent share of the global endoscope market, estimated to be worth approximately US$2.5 billion. Its global headquarters are located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

OM System is passionate about creating customer-driven solutions for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries. For more than 100 years, moreover the company has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by helping detect, prevent, and treat disease, furthering scientific research, and ensuring public safety. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with more than 35,000 employees worldwide in nearly 40 countries and regions.

In its Endoscopic Solutions business, OM System uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients and their safety. Starting with the world’s first gastrocamera in 1950, Olympus’ Endoscopic Solutions portfolio has grown to include endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging systems, as well as system integration solutions and medical services.

OM System is also a big industry provider in dictation device. Stylish recorders packed with features demanded by busy professionals. File encryption, workflow integration by author and work type, intelligent dual microphone technology to eliminate background noise and enhance voice-to-text dictation using the integrated Nuance Dragon speech recognition software.

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