Sony Corporation is engaged in the development, design, production, manufacture and sale of various electronic equipment.
In addition, the company also manufacture instruments and devices for consumer, professional and industrial markets such as network services.

Moreover, in the recent decades Sony have been involved in gaming hardware and software.
Televisions, audio and video recorders and players, still and video cameras, mobile phones, and semiconductors are a big part too.

The Company engages in the development, production, manufacture, and distribution of recorded music.
As well as management and licensing of the words and music of songs as well as the production and distribution of animation titles.
Such as game applications based on animation titles.

The company also engages in motion pictures and television programming and television and digital networks business.
Plus various financial services businesses.

Including mobile Communications, game & network services, Music, Films, Home Entertainment.
Couple with sound, imaging products & Solutions, Semiconductors, Financial Services and All Other segments.

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