There are multiple types of adapters available as an PC peripheral and accessories. For example 3.5mm, Display Port, DVI, Ethernet, HDMI, Hightning, SATA, USB, and VGA.

Today’s computers and mobile devices are available with a wide array of ports. From traditional USB to USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. Even if you’re familiar, it can still be a challenge to figure out the type of wires or adapters.

In order to plug your device into a monitor, TV, network or peripheral.

When shopping for a new laptop, or a hulking desktop PC, you’ll also want to keep ports in mind. If you need to attach to a particular type of device on the go, you’ll benefit from having that connector built-in.

Or, at least, knowing what kind of adapter to pair with your new system. That’s why we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of ports. Along with the type and cost of adapters you’ll need to use if you don’t have the right connectors on built-in.

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