Camera / Speaker / Microphones are part of video conferencing equipment and its the audio-visual hardware. This enables the solution to work and make everything seamless.

These are installed in a meeting room with a monitor. So that conference participants can collaborate with colleagues in a remote location.
While modern deployments may support one-to-many conferences.
But many-to-many collaborations with peers spread across disparate locations able to talk to and see each other.

Conference room systems’ is another common name for video conferencing equipment. Many vendors in this space offer room system packages that include both the hardware and software necessary to set up a virtual meeting room. Other vendors instead offer web conferencing software and partner with companies that provide the hardware like Logitech, Poly (formerly Polycom), Avaya, Dell, Dolby, Lifesize, and Cisco.

Lastly, Cackle Telecommunications is proud to provide Camera / Speaker / Microphones by various vendors to NZ businesses.
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