Network Switches, also called switching hub, bridging hub. It is networking hardware that connects devices on a computer network by using packet switching to receive and forward data to the destination device.

Unmanaged network switches are frequently used in home networks and small companies and businesses. It permits devices on the network to connect with each other, such as computer to computer or printer to computer in one location.

An unmanaged switch does not necessarily need to be configured or watched. They are simple and easy to set up and needs only small cable connections. As well as, it aids over a hub are full bandwidth to each port, rather than destroying all the data over all the ports like a hub, and dealing with collisions and network traffics.

Moreover, managed switches can be customized to enhance the functionality of a certain network. They are achieved by setting a simple network management protocol or SNMP.
In addition, two types which include smart and enterprise managed switches. Smart switches have a limited set of management features. It provide a web interface and accept configuration of basic settings, such as virtual LAN or VLANs, port-bandwidth and duplex. These are ideally used in fast and constant LANs, which support gigabit data transfer and allocations.

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