Troubleshooting Jabra GN1000 Handset Lifter

When someone rings I can’t hear the phone ringing in my headset

Look at the front of your handset lifter (while it is on your telephone), there is a small black rubber button. This button controls whether or not you hear the ringing of the phone in your headset. Get someone to ring you if you can’t hear the ringing in your headset press this rubber button once. And, vice versa if you don’t want to hear the ringing.

My handset keeps falling off the telephone cradle when the phone rings

On the top of the Jabra Handset Lifter is a small lever. (Look where the arrow is pointing.) This lever controls the height of the lifter. Ideally you want the lifter to lift your telephone handset only a little bit higher than the button in the handset cradle, when a call is answered. Adjust this level lower so you can answer calls but your handset doesn’t fall off.

The telephone ringing in my headset is too loud or too soft

The knob at the back of the handset lifter controls the telephone ringing volume in your headset. When someone rings you, if the phone ringing in your headset is too loud or too soft, adjust this dial by turning it to get a comfortable ringer volume. There is a marker which indicates volume direction levels.

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