Leadtek Research, Inc. is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1986, which focuses on research and development that is specialized in the design and manufacture of graphics cards.

Products in the company’s Computer Group include 3D graphics accelerators (of the NVIDIA GeForce line, mainstream and workstation-class), motherboards and multimedia cards. Products in its Communications Group include video telephony, surveillance and GPS. Currently, Leadtek’s product lines are covering computer gaming graphics cards, workstation graphics cards, AI software and hardware, AI cloud supercomputing workstations, desktop virtualization Zero Client/Thin Client, smart medical/health care, school research and big data.

Founded in 1986, LEADTEK Research Inc. is headquartered in Taiwan with branches in China and Japan. Leadtek is a world-renowned computer and smart medical R&D manufacturer and a long-term partner of NVIDIA. We adhere to the unchanging belief of “research and innovation, quality first” to launch products covering GeForce graphics cards, Quadro graphics cards, AI workstations and servers, AI management software, desktop virtualization Zero Client/Thin Client solutions, and smart medical/health care solutions and big data solutions, etc.

According to the Taiwan Top 2000 ranking published in the 723rd issue of CommonWealth Magazine in 2021, Leadtek ranked 554th in the manufacturing industry in 2020, a significant improvement of 89 places from the previous year; the ranking in “Computer Peripheral and Components Category” also rose to the 68th place in the same year, continuously improving for 4 consecutive years, which is a remarkable achievement.

In the field of GPU and cloud services, Leadtek has established world-famous brands: Leadtek and WinFast, which have won many international awards. In recent years, it has successfully assisted academia and companies to build GPU deep learning environments, and was invited to become the designated partner of NVIDIA in China and Taiwan to jointly carry out AI talent training through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). In addition to the GPU AI solution for Industry 4.0, Leadtek also cooperated with hospitals and medical research institutes to launch smart medical solutions. As such, it has rich experience in medical image processing and analysis, medical information analysis, and clinical data analysis.

Leadtek has been dedicated to medical and health care since it invested in Wegene Technology in 2000, and has established the amor brand to develop a range of remote care, mobile medical and health IoT products. Wegene’s autonomic nerve analyzer received Taiwan certification in 2004 and obtained mainland China certification in 2008. At present, about 200 hospitals and clinics in Taiwan and the mainland China have introduced Wegene’s autonomic nerve analyzer. In 2016, Leadtek developed and launched “isleep well”, “iactive well” and other nutritional supplements. Alvital, the world-renowned oximeter brand, joined Leadtek in 2019.

In terms of smart medical applications, Leadtek combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology (AIoT+Medical+Health) to prioritize physical and mental health care, lifestyle tracking and health management solutions, aiming at the applications of life stress, heart vitality, and three high-risk factors such as blood pressure, body weight and blood sugar. Combined with the wearable device amor H2 health band or amor H2 Plus Wearable ECG Recorder and other medical terminal devices, amor Physical and Mental Health Management Platform integrates activity records, sleep records, fatigue index, circulation index, body pressure index, heart rate, electrocardiogram, systolic force, blood pressure, blood oxygen, atrial fibrillation and arteriosclerosis for professional data analysis and AI applications.


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