Best Computer for CAD

Best computer for CAD

Best Computer For CAD

If you are an architect, graphic designer, engineer or in the dental/medical industry, it is likely that you’re engaged in CAD software for your day to day job. You are likely to constantly seek methods to enhance your efficiency or trying to find the best computer for CAD to speed up your workflow. A crucial aspect of this quest involves identifying the most optimal CAD workstations, yet with the plethora of remarkable machines or custom build available, this can often pose a challenging endeavor.

This is precisely why the team at Cackle has compiled a list of top-notch desktop computer components in 2023 that are designed and built for CAD and rendering purposes. 

What to look for in the best computer for CAD?

Computer-assisted design (CAD) workstations necessitate a combination of hardware and software components that work harmoniously to attain satisfactory results. Nonetheless, opting for a customized CAD workstation offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance productivity, quality, and efficiency over a pre-built workstation. 3 major computer parts that contribute to the best computer for CAD workflow that we’ll detail below.

1. Processor/CPU

The exceptionally powerful Core i9 13900K stands head and shoulders above the rest as the premier CPU for CAD tasks. Its remarkable single-thread performance, as demonstrated by its high boost clock, firmly establishes it as the ultimate processor choice for any CAD-related workload.

This holds true for CPU tasks such as complex processes, rebuilding, conversions, and simulations. Additionally, the 13900K outperforms any other CPUs on the market today, and it’s worth noting that the 13900K is also somewhat more budget-friendly, compared to other CPU’s price to performance ratio, offering you more bang for buck product.

For full specs of the processor, visit here.

Best computer for CAD

2. Graphics Card/GPU

Graphics card play an important role for specific CAD application and rendering. If the workstation is utilized for creative endeavors, the likelihood of rendering numerous files such as 3D graphics, animations, videos, images are its main task, then having a good graphics card or not will greatly affect the performance. While it is possible to perform such rendering tasks using the computer’s CPU, the process can be significantly expedited when utilizing one of the top-performing GPUs for rendering.

NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 is one of the most popular, most high-end and high-performance component for CAD and rendering. It is currently ranked as the 1st of the list as the most powerful option, why? The RTX 4090 is made possible primarily thanks to its 24 GB GDR6X video memory, high-end clock speed and an abundance of CUDA cores for processing prowess.

Best computer for CAD

3. Memory (RAM)

Although computer memory doesn’t directly increase the efficiency to help with rendering timeframe. However, memory is essential in order to ensure that your computer can handle the intricate details of your design. Without enough RAM, your computer will struggle to keep up, leading to slow performance and eventually, crashes.

Most CAD and 3D rendering would benefit from a 32GB of memory but for more complex scenes with thousands of objects, it’s recommended to have at 64GB of memory to ensure the application and rendering process are a success.

Best computer for CAD

Professionals who work with CAD need the ability to switch between applications, tasks and programs quickly and efficiently. With standard ‘off-the-shelf’ computers, often this multitasking can lead to severe lag time or even system crashes.

This is why we recommend a custom CAD workstation to establish the required performance and power necessary. If you’re in the market to search for the best computer for CAD workstation for your business needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Share your requirements, and we will design a personalized workstation to enhance your daily productivity.

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