What is Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms?

Introducing Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms, a state-of-art feature enhancing the online meeting experience by providing clearer visibility of Teams Rooms participants through intelligent video feeds. These smart video feeds, generated by zooming in on the faces of in-room participants and minimizing distractions, significantly elevate the quality of hybrid meetings. 

This enhancement allows for a more effortless observation of facial expressions and gestures, ultimately contributing to improved collaboration. Cloud IntelliFrame fosters equity in hybrid meetings, ensuring that every participant is both seen and heard, thereby promoting a more inclusive and engaging collaborative environment. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of what the feature look like, and what is required from a licensing and hardware perspective.

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Experience Cloud IntelliFrame in Teams Rooms

Microsoft IntelliFrame is an AI-driven online meeting experience designed to improve hybrid meetings. Microsoft Teams Rooms equipped with supported cameras create smart video feeds by zooming in on and framing in-room attendees, so that online participants can more clearly see their faces and gestures.


To enable Cloud IntelliFrame in your Teams Rooms, a Microsoft Teams Rooms with Pro license, and a certified camera will seamlessly enroll you to Cloud IntelliFrame by default.

Cloud IntelliFrame supports a maximum of 12 people in the meeting room and the system dynamically transitions between the standard room view and IntelliFrame view, responding to in-room activity. For instance, when a participant enters the meeting room, the view automatically switches to the standard room view until the individual settles down.

What is Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms?

Multi-Stream IntelliFrame on Intelligent Cameras

Multi-stream IntelliFrame technology delivers on the promise and excitement around intelligent cameras: high-resolution IntelliFrame video tiles, people recognition, active speaker tracking, and a room view.

A multi-stream IntelliFrame camera sends individual video feeds of attendees in a Teams Room to the Teams meeting stage, identifying the person if they have enrolled in a recognition profile.
They get their own video stream with name label, and their names show in the meeting roster.

Remote users also see standard or panoramic (360- or 180-degree) views of the room to provide a frame of reference, based on the capabilities of the intelligent camera they are using.

These offerings provide the richest AI camera experience to date thanks to high-fidelity raw camera and audio data captured at the source, and significant advancements in AI capabilities on edge devices that can process such data.

What is Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms?

Supported Cameras

The following camera models when deployed in a Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows with a Pro license automatically use the Cloud IntelliFrame:

  • Yealink SmartVision 60
  • Jabra PanaCast 50 (coming soon)

How to enable/disable IntelliFrame

While IntelliFrame is activated by default, it is entirely possible to disable it in the Teams Room setting.

People in the meeting room can turn off IntelliFrame by using the in-meeting settings on the console and switch back to standard view for the room. All online attendees would then see the standard view from the room.

On the Microsoft Teams Room console, click on the ellipsis button and Turn off IntelliFrame.

What is Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms is now the future of meeting rooms

Microsoft IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of collaborative technology. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams and harnessing the power of intelligent hardware and software, IntelliFrame transforms meeting spaces into dynamic hubs of productivity. As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of remote and hybrid work, investing in solutions like IntelliFrame becomes a strategic move to empower teams, foster collaboration, and stay ahead in the digital workplace revolution.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a powerful tool that brings together the best features of Microsoft 365 and state-of-the-art hardware to create a seamless and productive meeting environment. As the team in Redmond, Washington continue to strive to make improvements and implementing new features to Microsoft Teams Rooms, there are multitude of reasons that this can benefit your organization in the long run. If you haven’t equip your meeting space with a Microsoft Teams Rooms solution, it’s time to consider and elevate your collaboration experience to a new height.

Cackle is an end to end Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions specialist. From initial consultation, design and installation, we can do it all! We’re here to kickstart your journey to take your meeting experience to the next level, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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