How much does digital signage cost?

How much does digital signage cost?

When you’re deciding on a digital signage solution to implement, one of the most important question you should ask yourself is “How much will digital signage cost me?”, will it beneficial in the long term from a cost perspective.

This question holds significant weight, as it is likely to be a pivotal factor influencing your decision on whether digital signage aligns with your needs. The importance of this inquiry remains consistent, whether you are considering digital signage for educational institutions, places of worship, meeting spaces, dining establishments, reception areas, or any other signage application!

Cackle is a New Zealand digital signage hardware and managed service provider serving NZ businesses of all sizes. If you are wondering how much a digital signage solution will cost for your organization, reach out and we’ll provide a quote for you!

What are the cost of setting up digital signage?

The expenses associated with digital signage depend on your specific goals. If your objective is a straightforward setup with a single screen consistently displaying one menu, the solution can be quite uncomplicated—and potentially cost-free!

Numerous services are available that provide free digital signage, albeit with limitations in functionality. The free applications typically showcase whatever content you upload onto your screen. These offerings are generally suitable for very basic purposes; however, they may lack features such as support or offline capability, meaning your content won’t display if you lose an internet connection.

We recognize that not everyone is seeking just the fundamental features. In fact, a growing number of organizations has the aspirations to scale up—from managing a few media players to overseeing hundreds or even thousands of players.

This is when assessing the cost of your digital signage becomes more intricate. When managing multiple digital signage players, several factors come into play that necessitate consideration.

  • Reliability: How frequently will I have to intervene manually to address hardware or software issues with my digital signage?
  • Scalability: Can I expand the number of players I manage to accommodate a larger quantity if the need arises?
  • Capability: What functionalities can I achieve with the combination of the hardware and software I have selected? Can this capacity be extended in the future if required?
  • Cost: What is the overall expense, and does it align with my budget constraints?

Digital signage capability will determine the on-going cost

The aspect of capability often becomes a focal point in our discussions with potential customers. Frequently, we assist customers in clarifying their precise requirements for their digital signage.

The primary goal we aim to discern is, “What specific objectives does it need to fulfill with your digital signage?” Occasionally, there might be an opportunity for a company to opt for a more economical license type to meet their requirements, and in such instances, we readily make recommendations. Some of the aspects related to capability that we commonly address are outlined below.
Do you have a team that produces the content for you?
One of the more substantial and often the most expensive components of nearly any digital signage solution is content creation. Frequently, we inquire, “Who will be responsible for generating your content?” and the response is often, “I don’t know.” This query has become so common that we have instituted regular content updates in the marketplace to provide complimentary content for those in need.
However, there are instances where the reply is, “I already have a team of individuals who create content for me.” There is no definitive right or wrong answer. The response to this question can frequently alter the pricing, ranging from a modest amount to a more substantial one, especially if additional content assistance is needed.
Digital Signage Best Practice For Maximum Impact
Single full screen or multi-zone layouts
A notable distinction in how individuals currently employ digital signage lies in their preferences regarding content display on screens. For instance, some may opt for a single full-screen piece of content, such as an infrequently updated image. In such cases, the need for elaborate features may be minimal.
Conversely, certain organizations desire a more complex setup, dividing their screen into four zones featuring live TV, regularly updated data from a third party, and reserving a third zone for a local contributor. Meanwhile, they still want an administrator to maintain overall control of the entire network.
Both of these scenarios are recurrent topics of discussion for us. We are equipped to assist with both situations, but comprehending the specific requirements aids us in determining the pricing considerations that align with your needs.
How much does digital signage cost?

The type of signage player will dedicate the capability

Once your requirements are defined, you’ll gain a more lucid insight into the necessary hardware and software. The options for digital signage devices are extensive, spanning from conventional PCs and Amazon Firestick devices to specialized hardware like dedicated BrightSign and SoC (system on chip) devices.

How much does digital signage cost?

The majority of the devices mentioned earlier cater to the more intricate basic digital signage requirements outlined in this article. However, certain devices are renowned in the industry for their durability and capability to operate continuously, 24/7. If you’re venturing into digital signage for the first time and haven’t acquired a screen yet, SoC offerings from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and Philips present an attractive option. These displays come with a built-in media player, simplifying the setup process to just power and internet considerations.

Final piece of consideration

Regularly updating your content is imperative to maintaining viewer engagement, regardless of your industry—be it retail, corporate communications, QSR, events, or stadiums. Your content will inevitably require refreshing, so it’s crucial to contemplate who will be responsible for this in the long term. This could be an in-house staff member, a third-party contractor, or even a third-party content stream source like SeenSpire, Screenfeed, Twitter and the list goes on.

Now that you have these three components—Hardware, Software, and Content—you should be well-prepared to proceed.

As businesses continue to embrace these trends, they gain a competitive edge by delivering content that is not only visually appealing but also highly relevant and effective. Digital signage is transforming how businesses communicate in the workplace.

Don’t miss this chance to stay innovative and competitive with LG and Samsung signage panels in the ever evolving business landscape. Talk to us about your require and leave it to us to provide the best digital signage solution that meet all your business requirements.

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