Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows

Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the preferred communications and collaboration solution for numerous businesses. As organizations increasingly invest in video conferencing equipment for their meeting spaces, it’s crucial to use top-tier audio & video devices and room systems to uphold meeting quality standards. When Teams Room was first introduced, it was only available on Windows platform and Microsoft has expanded the offerings to Android system over the past few years, giving customers greater flexibility and access to a wider range of appliance-like devices. In this blog, we’ll detail the differences of Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows to clarify the distinctions and help you choose the right device for your organization and meeting space.

Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows

Teams Rooms on Windows and Teams Rooms on Android share similarities but differ in various aspects. It’s essential to identify the right solution for your meeting spaces and carefully evaluate the functionality and use case between these two operating systems and devices that come with them.

Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows

Microsoft Teams Room on Windows utilizes a dedicated Windows PC that remains in the meeting room. Unlike the bring your own device (BYOD) solution, a dedicated Windows PC is installed and paired with Teams Rooms certified audio & video components.

Microsoft Teams Room on Android utilizes a host of different collaboration devices that runs on Android operating system on the device eliminating the need of a dedicated PC. This is a more recent addition to the Teams Room ecosystem but for many, it has a role to play in modern meeting rooms.

If you are unsure which device is suitable for your organization or meeting space, talk to our solutions team today!

Opt for Windows system if you need

There is a greater choice in selecting various audio & video devices across different form factors and price points. Similar flexibility is coming to Android by manufacturers, but at a slower rate.

Large Meeting Room Requirements
There’s a vast range of certified solutions comprised of PC, video & audio and touch controllers designed specifically for large meeting room requirements.

Microsoft Teams Room Android vs Windows

Customized Design
There are currently many more choices in camera placement and mounting options that address rooms of varying sizes and configurations.

Unified Platform
The alignment of Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft operating system is very beneficial to a business that uses Microsoft Windows as its standard OS.

Early Access To New Features
The constant development of Microsoft Teams Rooms will give native Windows users earlier access to features like room capacity notifications, white-boarding, casting, breakout rooms, content camera support and others which will be rolled out to Android at a later date.

Opt for Android system if you need

All-In-One Simplicity & Management
There is greater ease of purchasing, installing and managing multiple rooms and sites with all the required software, hardware and connections to the cloud service built into a single collaboration device.

Remote Site Enablement
Locations that do not have on-site technical staff will benefit from the straightforward, plug-and-play installation.

Mixed OS Environments
Businesses with rooms of various sizes and local support resources are empowered to manage all of their Teams Rooms through a single web-based portal, regardless of the underlying operating system.

Cost Efficiencies
Android-based solutions that can be implemented on all-in-one devices eliminate the need for additional components such as a dedicated Windows PC, camera, speaker and microphone.

Small to Medium Space Collaboration
Beneficial for huddle space, small meeting rooms, medium meeting rooms and other meeting areas that require fewer components, connections and cables.

Each business has unique needs, but the crucial aspect is compatibility with other video conferencing software so its important to know whether Teams Room Android or Windows is more suitable for your environment.

Microsoft intends to increase the feature parity between Windows and Android and they have made several strides to closing the gap, but right now it’s important to match the right solution to the respective requirement, regardless of future plans on the Microsoft roadmap.

If you need some assistance on what will work best for your business, book a discovery call with our solutions team.

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